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Chaoyang Heavy Machinery Group 


Chaoyang Heavy Machinery Group Co.,Ltd


Chaoyang City heavy machinery manufacturing plant is located in Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province, Chaoyang Street, 1, is to undertake cement, metallurgy, mining, power, chemical and other mechanical equipment based integrated processing and manufacturing enterprises. Liaoning area is also a cold, hot processing and complete sets of production capacity, product design and development, processing, manufacturing, equipment installation and commissioning and after-sales service as one of the most comprehensive strength of the enterprise.

Enterprise was founded in 1998 by Yang Ming, and other co-funded the establishment of five people, the registered capital of 11 million yuan, the proportion of 20% each for the general partnership. With the deepening of economic reform, in the city, district government care and support, enterprises seize the opportunity and rapid development. First, science and technology as the guide, according to the national efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection policies and the needs of their own development, timely and construction of Nissan 5,000 tons of new dry cement production line equipment manufacturing projects. Second, to participate in the reform of state-owned enterprises in 2006, the overall acquisition of the North Group Chongxin Magnesium Co., Ltd., through the reorganization of assets, adjust the production structure and product mix, accelerate the overall optimization of enterprises, enterprises have been expanding steadily improve economic efficiency in Chaoyang There are many enterprises for my factory supporting some products, formed a plant as the main production and processing enterprises groups. Third, the capital operation, to heavy machinery factory as the core business, in January 2007 set up a Chaoyang Heavy Machinery Group Co., Ltd.. Enterprise covers an area of 380 acres of existing building area of 35,000 square meters. 860 employees, including engineering and technical personnel 92 people, with 20 senior staff titles. Enterprise total assets of 250 million yuan, total liabilities 87.5 million yuan, assets and liabilities 35%.

Enterprise subordinate mechanical processing, metal structure, large cast steel, electric control equipment, metal wear-resistant materials, machinery sales, import and export and technology research and development centers and other units. Technology research and development center and the international and domestic well-known manufacturers and research institutes and institutions of higher learning to maintain a wide range of technical exchanges and cooperation, 10 scientific research by the national and ministerial awards. The use of CAD computer-aided design and CAPP computer-aided process design technology, while the introduction of the world's most advanced casting process analysis system and casting process simulation technology. The technical level of enterprises in the domestic industry-leading position. With the most advanced CPU automatic control of the 40-ton electric arc furnace, 8 meters vertical lathe, 8 meters hobbing and other mechanical equipment, a total of more than 300 sets. Enterprises can independently design and manufacture of 5,000 tons of daily production of all complete sets of equipment production line.

Enterprises for the production of cement plant equipment are heavy plate feeder, hammer, impact crusher, tube cement mill, high-performance fine grinding of cement mill, rotary kiln, and so on. The equipment used in the metallurgical steel mill is the medium-speed pulverizer for pulverized coal injection; the sintering machine for sintering, with the cooler, the mixer, the granulator; the pelletized disc, the vibrating feeder, the dryer, the runner Grinding machine, ball machine, rotary kiln, chain grate machine and ring cooler. The equipment used in mining enterprises are: compound pendulum, simple pendulum jaw crusher, spring cone, Simmons cone crusher, wet lattice, dry lattice, overflow type ball mill, spiral classifier, magnetic separator, Thickener, plate feed, belt conveyor, since the mill and so on. Equipment used in thermal power plant ring hammer crusher, electronic gravity coal feeder, belt feeder, simple-type coal mill and medium-speed coal mill and so on. Annual production capacity of 40,000 tons of machinery and structural parts, steel casting 30,000 tons. Enterprise contract manufacturing products, with its good reputation, excellent quality, preferential prices, has won numerous domestic and foreign customers, and to meet the needs of customers. Products are sold to 27 provinces and autonomous regions, enterprises have the right to operate import and export, domestic exports of Russia, Brazil, South Africa, Vietnam, Mongolia and other countries.

Enterprises in 2005 sales income 154.01 million yuan, profits and taxes 32.44 million yuan. 2006 sales income of 252.43 million yuan, profits and taxes 40.39 million yuan. 2007 sales income of 335.75 million yuan, profits and taxes 47.1 million yuan.

Enterprises through the ISO9000 quality management system certification, for five consecutive years by the State Building Materials Authority awarded AAA-level enterprises, national building materials machinery products standards enterprises, building materials industry in Liaoning Province top 10 enterprises, Chaoyang Pioneer enterprises, bank credit rating of AA level.

Enterprises strive to make a masterpiece as soon as possible to seize the revitalization of the northeast old industrial base in the historical opportunity to accelerate the pace of technological innovation, improve product quality, grade and technology added value, improve the "heavy machine" brand products competitiveness and market share, The amount of export products, strengthen the Chaoyang building materials, construction machinery base, pulling the regional economy and related industries. After the market investigation and expert demonstration, the enterprise decided to implement the "Nissan 8000 tons of new dry process cement production line equipment manufacturing technology transformation project", the existing welding plant expansion and purchase of ancillary equipment, new mainframe processing plant, the purchase of mainframe plus equipment. The main key equipment has been investigated, signed a purchase contract, and paid the corresponding prepayments. The project construction period is one year. After the project is put into production, it can meet the requirements of the raw material grinding, cement mill cylinder, ring gear and 4.8m above rotary kiln cylinder body, ring gear, wheel belt manufacturing and other production diameter above 4.6m. Related parts of the processing needs, the formation of an annual output of various machinery and equipment 70,000 tons, 30,000 tons of cast steel processing and manufacturing capacity. By 2010, sales revenue can exceed 1 billion yuan, profits and taxes more than 100 million yuan, exports worth more than 5,000 million US dollars, and to the community to provide more than 500 jobs.

In the enterprise equipment and product upgrades at the same time, according to the modern enterprise system requirements, strengthen enterprise management. We will adjust corporate governance structure, strengthen enterprise system construction, process construction, mechanism construction, information construction and enterprise culture construction, perfect enterprise technology research and development system and marketing system, and realize modernization of management.

To create innovative enterprises as the goal, and continuously forge ahead, and actively create the conditions, the implementation of powerful alliances, the implementation of "going out, please come in" strategy, and continuously enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.

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