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Our company fills in the blank of needle coke calcining equipment

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Needle coke is a high quality variety in carbon materials. Its appearance is silvery gray and metallic lustrous porous solid. Its structure has obvious flow texture, large pore size, little ellipse, large ratio of length to width, like fiber or needle like texture and lubrication. It is produced super high. High carbon products such as power electrodes, special carbon materials, carbon fibers and composite materials. According to the different raw materials, needle coke can be divided into two types: oil needle coke and coal series needle coke. The needle coke produced from petroleum residue is oil needle coke, and needle coke produced from coal tar pitch and its distillate is coal needle coke.

Compared with the ordinary electrode, the former can shorten the smelting time by 30%, save 50% of the power consumption per ton steel, increase the production capacity by 1.3 times, and at the same time consume very little power. The consumption of ultra high power electrode of 500 ~ 508mm in diameter of foreign electric furnace steelmaking: Russian production of carbon steel and high alloy steel enterprise graphite electrode single consumption 3.7kg/t steel, Japan as 5.2kg/t steel, Sweden 6.7 to 7.2kg/t steel. 2/3 of global graphite electrode consumption is consumed in EAF steelmaking. Our company has signed the contract of "rotary kiln and cooling machine engineering" for the 40 thousand ton / year needle coke project of the Ministry of chemical industry of Angang. Henan Bao Shun Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. produces an annual output of 50 thousand tons of needle coke rotary kiln and cooler equipment contract. The signing of these contracts has laid the leading position of Chaoyang Heavy Machine in the industry of needle coke and ultra high electrode equipment in manufacturing and processing. Thus, the production and processing of needle coke in China have been filled in the domestic gap, and the long-term dependence on the import of ultra high electrode materials has been removed.

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