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Active lime production line complete sets of equipment

Active lime production line complete sets of equipment

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Active lime production line complete sets of equipment

Product description

Chaoyang Heavy Machinery Group for the production of 1,200 tons of active lime production line to provide complete sets of equipment and production standards through-train service.

Active lime is widely used in iron and steel, alumina, magnesium metal, calcium carbide and power plant desulfurization paper industry. Active lime is an important auxiliary raw material for steelmaking. The use of active lime has a series of features such as improving the quality of molten steel, increasing production, reducing steel consumption and cost, and stable operation. Practice has proved that the use of active lime steel-making enterprises have achieved significant economic benefits. Over the past decade, China's steel production with lime increased by 40%, but the activity of more than 300ml of high-grade lime accounted for 27% of the total lime to 29.5%, an increase of only 2.5%.

Active lime system process

The qualified limestone is stored in the silo and is lifted by the hoist and transported to the top silo of the preheater. Preheater top silo, from top to bottom 2 level control feeding volume, and then through the feed pipe to the limestone evenly distributed to the preheater each room. Limestone in the preheater by 1150 ° C kiln flue gas heated to 900 ° C or so, about 30% decomposition, pushed into the rotary kiln by the hydraulic putter, limestone in the rotary kiln by sintering decomposition of CaO and CO2. The resulting limestone enters the cooler, where it is cooled by blowing cold air into the cooler at 100 ° C. The heat exchange of 600 ° C hot air into the kiln and gas mixture combustion. Exhaust gas in the cold wind by the induced draft fan into the bag filter, and then by the exhaust fan into the chimney. The lime of the cooler is fed into the lime product warehouse via vibrating feeder, chain bucket conveyor, bucket elevator and belt conveyor. According to customer requirements, such as screening processes.

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