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Vertical pulverizer

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Vertical pulverizer

Product description

Vertical mill for grinding bituminous coal and other materials of moderate hardness, for burning bituminous coal with positive pressure straight blowing pulverizing system, used in electric power, metallurgy, building materials, chemical and other industries. The machine has the features of low power consumption, small floor area, simple milling system, low noise, reliable operation, etc. It also has the advantages of big crushing ratio, long life of grinding parts, wide application range of materials , High and low load are good applicability, and other unique advantages.

Mill Three rollers are driven by a rotating disc. Into the mill through the center of the coal drop tube fell on the disc, the rotating disc produced by the centrifugal force to the grinding roller conveyed to the mill. Milling pressure by the spring or hydraulic pressure device, through the static three-point system, grinding force evenly spread to the three rollers, pressure through the pressurized system to the foundation. Drying and conveying of the pulverized coal are carried out using hot air. The hot air is distributed evenly around the disc through the nozzle ring, and the milled material is dried and conveyed to the separator at the top of the mill. The coarse powder of the material is separated, the fine powder is discharged from the mill, and the coarse powder is returned to the inside of the mill. Some of the non-breakable material in the material can be discharged through the ballast in the lower part of the mill. The pulverizer mainly consists of the base part, the reducer, the lower frame, the middle frame, the disc, the roller, the pressure device, the separator, the positive pressure air sealing device and the steam purging device. , Lubricating station, hydraulic station and sealed fan and other ancillary equipment, and the other with slow transmission, installation and maintenance of special tools, escalator platform, pulverized coal distributor, quick disconnect valve and other ancillary equipment for users to choose. Pulverizer hydraulic pressure system, in operation can adjust the grinding pressure, and has better protection performance of iron. On the basis of the original standard type, the roller roll-over device is added, and the antiknock ability of the grinding body is improved.


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