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Leader's speech

Leader's speech

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Chaoyang Heavy Machinery Group

Chaoyang City, heavy machinery factory

Experienced years of wind and rain baptism and market temper, now has developed into a large enterprise groups in 2016, China's building materials machinery 20, China's leading enterprises in the title of cement machinery.

We are adhering to the enterprise spirit of "proactive and harmonious development", and actively explore, bold innovation, courageous struggle, standardize management, and gradually establish a more scientific development strategy, build a group development framework, cultivate the sustainable profitability, "Unity, dedication, integrity, progressive" corporate culture, and in practice to train a high overall quality and professionalism of the personnel, laid a solid foundation for a new round of development. These are we with you for a pleasant and long-term cooperation basis and strong guarantee.

We never wish to step into the sky, we only willing to continue to work hard and perseverance, hard work, and you will always go hand in hand to pursue the cause of our belongings! We sincerely hope that this network of information technology Platform, and build a mutual understanding with each customer and friends, mutual communication, cooperation and friendship of friendship Road, with the majority of customers and friends solidarity, win-win cooperation, drawing a blueprint for concentric, hand in hand tomorrow cast brilliant!

The coming days, let us join hands and sincere cooperation, and constantly go beyond, build a new career dream!

Leader's speech