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Blast furnace slag grinding equipment

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Blast furnace slag grinding equipment

Product description

Mainly used in building materials, chemical, fertilizer, metallurgy, refractories, ceramics, steel, thermal power, coal and other industries grinding Mohs hardness below 9, humidity below 6% of the various non-flammable and explosive mineral materials , Fineness of the finished product can be adjusted from 30 mesh to 400 mesh. Such as cement (raw clinker), quartz, feldspar, calcite, gypsum, limestone, dolomite, graphite, fluorite, wollastonite, phosphate rock, calcium magnesium phosphate, urea, electrolytic manganese, ferromanganese, Coal gangue, slag, zircon sand, talc, granite, potash feldspar, marble, barite, ceramics, glass and other materials more than 1,000 kinds of grinding processing.

Where the use of external forces to large particles of material into small particles of material process, called broken, the machinery used is called crusher. Where the use of external forces to small particles into the process of powder materials, called crushing or grinding, referred to as grinding. It uses the machinery called grinding machinery (milling equipment). The broken and grinding together referred to as broken grinding, the use of machinery referred to as broken grinding machinery.

In the dressing industry, the cost of grinding mill operations, the average cost to account for more than 40% of the total cost of grinding operations, the average cost to account for more than 40% of the total, and grinding equipment investment accounted for dressing Plant a total investment of about 60%.

In the cement industry, the grinding cost of the cement plant accounts for about 20% of the cost of production, crushing machinery power consumption accounts for about 10% of the total power consumption of the whole plant, while the powder machinery power consumption accounted for 60%.

With the rapid development of modern society and economy, the demand and production scale of various metals, nonmetals, chemical minerals, cement, building materials and other materials are increasing day by day. Since the 1990s, the world each year through the grinding of the amount of material to reach more than 100 million tons. China's annual output of brittle materials has reached 1.5 billion, of which about 240 million tons of iron ore, non-ferrous metal ore more than 100 million tons, more than 260 million tons of non-metallic minerals, chemical minerals more than 30 million tons, about 400 million tons of cement, Building materials with more than 470 million tons of limestone. The vast majority of these materials have to go through grinding, showing that crushing and powder engineering in the national economy plays a huge role.

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